Welcome to my site!

If you can read this you are super early in my website design process

My server has established communication to the world wide web

I have structured a basic webpage (with HTML)

Later I will learn design (CSS), Interaction (Java), etc.
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Now, I can deliver my High Quality Audio in a more meaningful & accessible manner!

By writing my website in HTML, I have also made my website accessible to alternative web devices & assistive tools for the disabled <3!!!!

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90's Soul Remix(House/Rave)

Neo Pop/EDM Remix, hosted by (Atlantic Records)

(ALBUM, STUDIO), FIGT - Bak 2 Kla$$

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FIGT's Looking 4 Singers (Amateur Album Release!!)

FIGT - 54 (Radio Mix)
FIGT - Wandering (Radio Edit)
FIGT - SOS (Original Mix)
FIGT - Untitled (Original Mix)
FIGT - I Think I Have Cancer (Original Mix)
FIGT - Skyrise (Original Mix)
FIGT - Something Strange (Original Mix)

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